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“I had never done yoga before, and so I was intimidated to get started. I didn’t have confidence in my body. I also have a neck injury and I was really focused on that limitation. I would say Angela was patient, but it was more than that. Patience implies tolerance with something frustrating. Instead, Angela was embracing. She taught me to love myself, trust my body, and find joy and power in who I am. She showed me that my physical qualities were not limitations, and that with trust in myself and self awareness, I can grow and flourish. In addition to being an instructor, Angela was truly a friend and mentor. She was very in-tune to my emotional needs and supported me both in and outside of the practice. While I admittedly get busy with work and don’t practice yoga as regularly, Angela’s training is something I turn back to in times when I desire self-reflection and healing.”
— Gina Gowins. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

The practice of yoga dates back beyond recorded history.  Over time, masters of yoga began to record the intricate practices that lead to a yogic bliss.  DNA yoga therapy is based on these practices, working with the client to incorporate key practices into their life.  It is a unifying process that is tailored to meet individuals where they are at. It seeks to introduce them to, and incorporate into a healthy whole, all parts of their being.

 A repositioning of the body encourages a change of our inner current.   Yoga therapy uses Asanas (postures), breath, and movement to redirect stagnant or unbeneficial energy in the body. This encourages the Prana (life-force) to flow; opening, lubricating and strengthening joints, muscles and tissues while relieving tension and stress.  With DNA yoga therapy, we use our bodies to become aware of, and help move the prana through us and our processes.  Our awareness then naturally extends to this life-force beyond our bodies. Remembering these most basic connections, we are able to start fresh and rebuild our patterns with gratitude and trust.

The word “yoga” means yoke or bind, as in the latter half of “combined”: union.  With DNA yoga therapy, this is the focus; weaving together the layers of the individual (and eventually beyond). It can be extremely beneficial to use yoga-therapy as an adjunct to medical or psychological treatments, as it focuses largely on the lifestyle and practicality of it all.   Yoga-therapy brings the healing into life beyond just the body.  The primary goal of yoga therapy is to cultivate awareness of oneself, and to develop appropriate techniques for integrating ailments back into the whole being. 


So what can you get from yoga therapy?

That depends on your goals, and where you are starting. If you have ever been on a retreat, you know that you come back feeling blissed, blessed and de-stressed. Life is breezy, peaceful and you have a whole new set of meditation and lifestyle techniques to carry home with you. After a few months, weeks, or days, this fades as practical matters such as life and work come back into play. Yoga therapy is like taking that chunk of serenity and sprinkling it out over time; not only planting the seeds of peace, but watering, nurturing, harvesting, composting and replanting them year after year. It is a healthy, sustainable lifestyle practice that connects you to yourself and the life that you have chosen, and continue to choose, every day. Because becoming your highest self is the best thing you can offer to the world.