Set the tone for your day with our variety of class offerings

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is an invitation to open your practice.  Through the use of modern equipment, such as aerial slings, we are able to decompress and unfold into positions our bodies yearn for.  Supported by a sling, students release tension in a suspended yoga flow.  Available for private events. 


Yoga Flow

Yoga flow studio classes are a soulful hatha-flow set to music.  Classes incorporate asana (yoga postures), breath work, internal practices and meditation so that students may build strength, grow body awareness, relax and expand their limits. 

Outdoor Yoga

A Hatha-based practice group that meets off the beaten path. Yogis meet at a designated location and come together to create a sacred space.  After meeting at the starting point,  a walking meditation leads us to a beach, forest meadow, or mountaintop, where we unroll our mats and move our breath to the sounds of nature.